A Father’s Fierce Love

Happy Father’s Day!

Today marks the kick-start of my blog, and on this particular occasion, what better way to post than to write about dads! I know, you’ve probably heard enough about dads for the weekend, but I would like to offer a different approach.

 man holding girl heading towards sea

Fathers- so crucial to society, but so easily forgotten. Mothers have become so popularly celebrated that I think we lose focus on just how important dads are. Not at all saying that moms should not be celebrated, but amidst all of the appreciation for them, I notice how sometimes the faithful fathers get put on the back burner.

My dad has been my rock my whole life. Through thick and thin he is right beside me. He gives me the courage to stand up for what I believe in, and stands beside me as I do it.

This is the beauty of the father figure: they are loyal to a fault and hold your hand while everything is crumbling around you. They will do everything in their power to protect you from any hurt because if you hurt, their heart breaks. Your pain reverberates in every part of their being. In short, dads love fiercely.

I feel like we can notice this about our own dads, but do we make the same connection (or bridge the gap) to our heavenly Father?

I know I have struggled my whole life in how I relate to God. The key for me was to change my prayers, thoughts, and journals from a “Dear God” to “Dear Dad”. It amazed me how my intimacy with God flourished.  I realized that the closeness I experience with my earthly father is symbolic to the love my heavenly Father wants to saturate me in. If anything, my earthly father’s love for me is but a glimpse into the perfect love of my Heavenly Father.

This concept has transformed my perspective, and maybe it does the same for you. Either way, I can say that today I think about Father’s Day a little differently.

PS- Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my very first blog post! I hope you enjoyed it as well as the website I worked on. Just subscribe with your email if you want to get updated when I have a new blog post! (I won’t be posting weekly–more like once or a few times a month so don’t worry about “Jaclyn Lee Blog Post” updates blowing up your email hahaha)

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